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Temperature Controller


A fundamental factor for producing great wine is a well-controlled fermentation process. The wine maker uses the temperature control as a means of intervention in the process of fermentation. However, it is not only about reaching an “optimal” temperature but rather about having the right temperature at each stage of the fermentation process.

Electronic temperature control offers safety in the fermentation, saving time, energy, costs, and above all, serving to improve the quality of your wine.

Temperature controller FERMFLEX by Kreyer : For flexible use, on the tank or nearby

The temperature controller for individual tanks FermFlex, is made to be used for the electronic measurement and control of the fermentation temperature. The controller is equipped with a data interface that can be connected to a PC. This allows the winemaker to make modifications to tank temperature either directly on the controller placed in the wine cellar or through the VinInfo software comfortably from the office. Furthermore, the FermFlex controller can be fully integrated in the VinInfo Bus system.
The controller’s double display shows the actual and the preset temperatures in separate displays. Additionally, a LED light shows the actual mode of operation: cooling or heating.

FermFlex is ideal for winemakers that wish to have the temperature display directly on the tank and that would like to enjoy a quick changeover whenever they need to alternate between the tanks to be regulated.

The controller is available in two versions – as a simple FermFlex controller with a loose cable or as complete system FermFlex-Mobile with an incorporated solenoid valve, filter, temperature sensor and a safety transformer to be connected with the electric power supply of 230V.
The FermFlex-Mobile justifies its name: it is flexible and can be conveniently mobilised. The FermFlex-Mobile can be very easily disconnected from one tank and with minimal set-up effort - reconnected to another for temperature control.


Technical details

Temperature range: -9,9 up to +99,9 °C or 14,2 up to 99 F - Voltage: 24 V / AC +/- 10% - Output: solenoid valve 24 V AC / 16 VA - Mode of operation: cooling, heating, cooling and heating, display, off - Controller’s structure : 3-Points, PI, PID - Protection level: IP 65.