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Thermo Fan MR : acclimatization of rooms


The thermo-fans of the range PH or MR are suitable for cooling or heating of small to medium sized rooms. This is done by using cold or hot water supplied by the cooling unit.

Thermo Fan Ph : For Small Rooms (up to approx. 600 m³)

The PH thermo-fans are available in two sizes and can be installed very quickly on any solid wall. The integrated 3-way valve and the integrated control reduce significantly the installation costs. In addition, the smooth-lined design lays open up the possibility to install the PH in tasting-rooms or offices.

Thermo Fan MR : for small Rooms (approx. 50 m³ - 500 m³)

All MR thermo-fan models are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance purposes. An automatic room temperature control is available as an accessory. The casing made of robust, recyclable plastic. The use of non-oxidisable components enables installation in humid rooms such as wine cellars, cold storages and warehouses. The MR units’ clean-lined design renders it suitable for installation also in tasting rooms.