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Field Monitoring

Agronomical decisions based on exact and actual data, assist you in improving the quality of your crops, save your time and save costs !

Four Products for Complete Vineyard Monitoring

KreyoMET Weather Stations

With several options for local Weather forecast, Disease modules and Water consumption based on Evapo-transpiration.

Weather StationSENSORS AVAILABLE : precipitation, soil moisture, wind speed, wind direction, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature, etc.
Can be combined with disease-models, irrigation schedules, added services of focused weather-forecast.

DATA RECOVERY : data are collected every five minutes and transferred hourly to your secured Internet platform area. Pre-set warning thresholds.

DATA PROCESSING : Data presented in charts and diagrams. Possibility of setting individual alerts (frost, drought, infection through certain plant diseases) to receive warnings by SMS.The data will be evaluated in time to warn about pest infestation out-break, damage through mildew or drought, and to give concrete advice as to what to do to limit economic damage.

KreyoMET Soil-Moisture Stations

Volumetric and tensiometric measures for smart soil and irrigation management.

Soil Moisture Station Soil Moisture monitoring provides a true presentation of water usage, to optimise irrigation and save water.

It is the cost-efficient station to measure soil moisture in three different methods: volumentric measurement of water content in the soil, tensiometic measurement of water availability to the particular plant or crop and depth moisture measurement greatly suitable for deep root plants such as grape-wines.

KreyoMET ICA : Automatisation

For irrigation and fertilizer injection automation, controlled from your phone or through website.



Internet based monitoring pheromone trap. Automatic photography of trap surface for online monitoring of pests development.

Pest detection AUTOMATED TAKING OF PICTURES : The KreyoMET Trap is a sophisticated and reliable combination of software and hardware solutions providing an automated warning of pest outbreaks of codling moth (Cydia Pomonella) as well as several other types of moths.
The Trap housing is equipped with high resolution surface covering cameras, which periodically take pictures of the sticky paper and send them to your secure account in our internet service website.

RESULTS AVAILABLE AT ANY TIME, ANYWHERE : Enter your account at the time of your convenience and count the pests which accumulated that day. The picture taking frequency can be changed on-line any time.

- Automatic data collection
- Avoiding lots of fields trips
- Automatic pest recognition
- Instant alerting/notifying of user
- Keeping history of daily snapshots
- Combining of weather data with data from traps (if using KreyoMET Weather Station)
- Verification of phenological model

Remote System for Online Field Monitoring

Managing and viewing your data on the internet under a secure data-platform website.


  • Direct transfer of the monitoring data at short intervals to the web platform
  • Comparison with scientifically sound prediction models for plant diseases
  • Data access via PC, notebook, PDA, or mobile phone
  • Alerts on your mobile if certain weather or plant condition limits are exceeded
  • KreyoMET devices can be controlled via your mobile phone or PC

KreyoMET concept: 1. Sensors read data in the field - 2. Data sent to web server - 3. User can access data and services through website for crop management decision making.

KreyoMET characteristics

  • Top-quality technology of high user value
  • Today’s devices meet tomorrow’s the requirements
  • Compact and easy to mount devices
  • Devices which can be used worldwide in many different environments thanks to compatible interfaces
  • Additional services that increase the user value of the devices.


Kreyer offers state-of-the-art models for preventing deseases.

Available desease models for vines :
Downy Mldew, Rain and Pesticide residue, Powdery Mildew (Oidium), Grey Mould (Botrytis),
Rain and pesticide residue: spray wash-off model, leaf-formation and cluster growth model.