Proportional dosing of adjuvants


Sure Results During Clarification For a Precision Oenology

As a result of the most advanced technological research, DOSACOM ensures an accurate and wide range of dosage for fining agents, allowing at the same time simple use and safe conditions for the operators.
It is used in continuous and discontinuous systems for must, juice and wines clarification. It's sometimes used in combination with must flotation systems: the purpose is to optimize the dosage of the clarifying agents.

A Computerized System for Proportional Dosing of Adjuvants

The control unit of DOSACOM has an operator panel connected with a PLC which allows easy planning of the dosage requested, the percentage of dilution and the nominal working capacity of the dosing pumps.
The PLC continuously checks, through an online inductive magnetic flow-meter, the volume of products that is being transferred and starts the dosing pumps, regulating the pause-work times in order to ensure the proportional dosage required.
If the system points out some problems (high pressure, emergency stop of pumps, too low level of the tanks for adjuvants) they are displayed on the operator panel of the control unit. The function pre-selector allows to layout and control the total volume of product transferred online.
DOSACOM is also preconfigured for controlling the external feeding pump in order to automatically stop the transfer if some problems happen or when the maximum volume is reached.

The manufacturing technology of the control unit allows interfacing DOSACOM to an external remote control or monitoring system through either a field bus PROFIBUS or an Ethernet connection.

DOSACOM engineering allows maximum functionality and flexibility also for other phases of beverages treatments such as volumes and fluxes control, blends, capacity control of storage tanks.

Proportional dosing of gum arabic


Safe Metering of Gum Arabic Downstream from Microfiltering

Dosaraban is the electronic system for precision passage injection of adjuvants such as gum arabic in solution.
Because of its filling power, gum arabic has always been considered to be an element that can obstruct the microfiltering of wines. This is absolutely true in the case of long-chain gum arabic such as Araban Super and Araban Spray Dry Steril. These types of gum arabic implement their protector colloid role in a complete manner when, added to the wine, they bring the stability of the colorant and confer smoothness ans rotundity.

By using Dosaraban, it is possible to add gum arabic downstream from the micro-filtering cartridges through the use of electromagnetic diaphragm pumps controlled by a microprocessor for controlled dispensing.