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Harvest Reception Equipement

Getting rid of unset, green or botrytised berries, leaves and other debris, is very important for avoiding off-flavours and excessive green characters in your wines. Beside the quality of the harvesters’ job, either human or mechanical, sorting may remain necessary. It is an expensive budgetary item though.

NUANCE, with the assistance of its suppliers’ experts, can help you designing the sorting setup that will minimize your costs while matching your process standards.
That involves right sizing, ergonomic design and ease of cleaning, integration in the chain, repartition of the berries on the table, among other things. Sorting can be conducted on whole crop prior to the de-stemmer or on the berries downstream, or both.

The de-stemmer itself is the most important "sorter". As a matter of fact SOCMA offers a all-in-one system, The Cube, that separates the whole berries and gently sorts them from all other parts eliminating the need for any further human sorting.