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Harvest Reception Equipement

If it is true that good wines are made from good grapes, it only happens if they are processed properly and timely. Therefore, your crush pad’s setup is crucial.

NUANCE, with the assistance of its suppliers’ experts, can help you designing the setup that will perfectly match the size of your winery and your technical choices.

SOCMA is famous for its permanent innovation, often awarded, and a constant search for smart practical details that make a huge difference when it comes to day-to-day use.
SOCMA’s plant is fully equipped for designing and/or customizing any equipment you may need to handle your grape harvest. Please contact us for any inquiry.

PERA is THE reference in grape receiving, de-stemming and pressing for large wineries (with about 80% of the French coops equipped with Pera). Built on this significant experience, Pera offers a broad range of equipment for all size wineries with particular focus on long lasting straightforward engineering.

When it comes to harvest, equipment you can rely on, smoothly running and easy to clean contributes to make your life easier and your resting nights longer...