In recent years in the world of winemaking, the use of anti-oxidising active ingredients and systems for compensation of inert gasses are widespread in the wine making process.
The purpose of this technique is to protect the primary aromatic components in order to obtain characteristic and intense wines from an olfactive point of view, by enhancing the varietal aromatic notes.


Reducing formula based on tannins from Grapes and green tea

TAN®FRUIT BLANC was designed to obtain a complete covering action against the action of oxygen on musts. The simultaneous presence of valuable catechin tannins and anti-oxidising active ingredients (L-ascorbic acid and potassium metabisulphate) allows the TAN®FRUIT BLANC to act on the oxy-reduction potential of the must; therefore it is possible to keep the original aromatic characteristics and transfer them to the final product, to obtain fresh and fruity, but varietal white wines.


Gradual release anti-oxydant tablets

EASYTAB is an anti-oxidation product that is innovative in its form and use. It is a flat white, shiny tablet: Designed to be used during the entire crushing cycle.

EASYTAB ensures an adequate presence of anti-oxidising elements during the crushing cycle. For example, in line with the wine making reduction process, it is recommended to add 5 EASYTAB tablets per 100 kg of grapes at the time of loading them into the press.
The tablets dissolve during the operation of the pressing cycle, gradually releasing sulphur dioxide and ascorbic acid up to a maximum concentration of around 30mg/L.

Gradual release of sulphur dioxid and ascorbic acid

The release of the active ingredients is gradual therefore it is possible to ensure anti-oxidant coverage also in the solid part present in the press. The total release of both the components at 20°C occurs in approx. 120 minutes.


Balanced formulated product with an antioxidant action

Complex product based on potassium metabisulphate and L-ascorbic acid in balanced ratio with synergic action, able to preserve varietal aromas.
To be used in the initial phases, directly on the grape, for supplementing the antioxidising elements on the must. The most classic product for wine making in reduction.