The Tannin Kit


Enologica Vason Premium finishing Tannins

This kit has been designed as an easy and simple tool to evaluate the products of the finishing range from Vason. Most importantly, you will be able to test how they would react with your wines.

Each product has very distinctive characteristics and will change the wine in a certain way.

Understanding the effects of those tannins, and their combinations, on your particular wine will allow you shaping it, sometimes dramatically, toward your ideal wine profile, helping you reaching your ultimate goal.

Try it ; you will be amazed. And it is fun !

Get ready

Use your Kit

Addition to a glass of Wine

The powders have been dissolved at the concentration of 10 g/L for a simple use.

You're all set !


Start by adding and tasting each product by itself at a significant rate (5 g/hL, i.e. 0.5 mL of solution for 100 mL of wine):

Important: at this stage, tendencies and directions in wich the wine is impacted are the key. Looking immediately for the perfect match, skipping that step may result in missing the most suited regimen and will lesser the opportunity to gain confidence and learn how to use that tool at its best.

It is then possible to test different combinations with the products that seem to bring an interesting shift to the wine profile although maybe exaggerated or unpleasant when used by itself or at high concentration.
Combination and rates may be adjusted by gradual additions using preferably 100 mL of fresh wine each time.

Kit composition

(1) Elevage is a french term that literally means Raising. It is widely used by the vintners and refers to the important part of wine making that takes place between fermentation and bottling. Unlike aging or maturation that describes a passive evolution of the wine, Elevage implicates a proactive approach, the aim of wich is to actually elevate the quality of wine.

For more information or guided tasting, please contact Nuance