Glass of Wine


Selected yeast for enological use in wet form

L.P.A.® is a strain of Saccharomyces bayanus selected for the refinement and quality that it imparts to the wines to be fermented.

The active yeast in paste has the advantage of being easy to use, and guarantees a fast fermentation start. Yeast preserved in wet form does not undergo the ‘shock’ of desiccation and rehydration, and hence maintains it physiological characteristics and fermentation strength perfectly.

The wet form in which the cells of L.P.A. are preserved, allows the yeast to keep the quality and strength of the strain intact, which makes it suitable also to finish stuck or stopped fermentations.

L.P.A. is used in the vinification of products with a high alcohol content. For the recommended course of action in such cases, please see the EV Procedures for sequential fermentation.

The ultimate "sur lies" product

The use of L.P.A. in maturation via the practice of hand-stirring (batonnage), assures the liberation of particularly interesting lysis substances, which bring a full-body and suppleness to the treated wine. Different from all preparations currently for sale, it shows a remarkable respect for the original olfactory subtleties, controlled oxygen consumption, and a transfer of natural molecules, unaltered by extraction processes, i.e. substances very similar to those of lysis of noble lees (enzymes, mannoproteins, stabilizing proteins, structural polysaccharides).