Yeast Rehydration


Automatical System for Yeast Rehydration and Pied de Cuve Preparation

The success of fermentation is not just the result of choosing the best yeast and dosing the proper nutrients, provided at the right time.
For practical reasons related to transport and storage, yeasts are generally provided in a dry form in oenological applications. The industrial process of drying causes a certain loss of vitality, and therefore it's necessary to recreate the ideal conditions so that fermentation can start again.
This phase, called rehydration, is extremely delicate for the survival and the maintenance of the yeast functional activity ; it is therefore very important to create conditions respecting the yeast cells as much as possible.

Even Before You Choose the Yeast

EASYFERM is designed for a correct rehydration of both dry yeasts and yeasts in paste used for the fermentation of musts and sparkling wines. It is also used for the preparation of "pied de cuve" during refermentation or when fermentation stops.
It is also suggested for the preparation of stable solutions of powders and/or liquids; it can be used as recirculation unit for a CIP washing or, in the PDC version, as pre-selector to transfer liquids.