Washing Drying Machine Watrostar - M


Automatic washing and drying machine for the outside of wine bottles, from 1,500 up to 8,000 bottles / hour (depending on the machine). The whole machine is made of high quality wear resistant materials. Apart from its excellent design, Watrostar provides perfect washing and drying results.




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Technical data Watrostar S Watrostar M Watrostar L Watrostar XL
Output - Bottles/h 1,400 2,800 4,500 6,000
Bottle diameter - mm 56 - 110 56 - 110 56 - 110 56 - 110
Bottle height - mm 200 - 380 200 - 380 200 - 380 200 - 380
Water consump. - m3 / h 0.15 0.15 0.35 0.45
Net weight - kg 570 700 1,200 1,350
Comments Ideal for small productions (0 to 1,400 btles per hour). Equipped with a bottle top blow-off device and an infeed and outfeed conveyor (incl.drive). Perfect for "stand-alone operation" but also for integration into a complete production line. Designed for small and medium-sized bottling facilities. Capacity of 800 to 2,800 btles/hour. Sound insulation, PLC control, touch panel and interior lighting in the washing and drying zone. Controllable capacity of 800 to 4,500 bottles. Sound insulation, PLC control and touch panel integrated into a swiwel arm, interior lighting in the washing and drying zone, bottle detection at the outlet for the backup detector. Fully automated self-cleaning system in the washing and drying zone. All features of Watrostar L, plus optional water recycling, bottle detection at the intlet for the automatic activation and deactivation of the brushes.
(Download the Sick Magazin about Watro Star)