Tangential Micro Filtration


A Filter Designed Thinking First to Wine and then to the Engineering Aspect

Beverages industry has long needed a filtration system able to preserve the organoleptic and structural qualities of the product to be filtered, a system cheap and able to treat big quantities of products every day.
MFTS is the answer to these requests and is the result of 10 years experience (the first Vason publications date back to 1990).

MFTS was designed thinking that a machine has to last over the years, even though the filtering material may change.The interchangeability of filtering materials is assured by using standard module cartridge-holders.


Spiral Wound Membrane

The specific membranes that come with the standard equipment of MFTS are selected as a function of the types of product to be filtered, with polymers that are especially inert with regard to the components of the wine in solution.

In practice, the filter acts as a perfect clarifier, producing brilliance by only removing what is in suspension. Furthermore, since it does not modify the original colloidal properties of the wine, it guarantees rapid restoration times of the organoleptic quality of the filtered product.

The wine stabilized after filtration with MFTS promotes filtration results for cartridge systems that are very desirable, and certainly high compared to traditional methods.

Results Achieved

MFTS 6 - Cross Flow Filtration

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