Integrated Filtration Test System


Integrated Filtration Test System

MASTERMIND Q.F.T. is a laboratory tool able to execute both the filterability indexes on wines (Quality Filtration Index), and the FOULING INDEX on waters.


MASTERMIND Q.F.T. calculates these filterability indexes automatically, based on the reading of weight with temperature control.
The results, highly repeatable for its high degree of standardization enabled by the tool, are displayed on the screen of a PC (not supplied) and stored in a database (MS Access), or printed in a report (or stored in a pdf file.).
The dedicated software is included in supply.

The heart of the instrument is a precision balance developed specifically for this application in collaboration with GIBERTINI Electronics Ltd., leading manufacturer of precision weighing instruments worldwide.
You can also change the parameters of the test to perform filterability indexes in special applications as well (e.g. juices). The Q.F.T. (the precursor of the current version MASTERMIND QFT) is present since 90’s in the best wine laboratories in Italy, to secure the membrane processes as required by the procedures validated by certification authorities.