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Barrel - photo from Tonnellerie Radoux





The pre-heating is the rst stage in Radoux’s toasting process. The oak staves are gradually heated so that they can then be bent to form the shape of the barrel. This stage is traditionally carried out over a wood re, whilst keeping the wood damp.

The second stage of Radoux’s toasting process involves a long, slow cooking of the bent staves over a wood re. This helps to fix the final shape of the barrel and stimulate the aromas within the depth of the oak.
It is essential at this stage to have complete control over the process in order to create a harmonious development of the aromas and to ensure the best possible contribution of the oak to the structure of the wines. Each barrel entering the toasting process is closely monitored with regard to the length of the toast and the intensity of the heat.

Depending on the length of the “bousinage” process, toasting can be light, medium, medium plus or heavy. Each level of intensity gives the wood a different chemical profile, which then enhances the various aromas of toasting, spices, vanilla or coconut.

Toasting - photo from Tonnellerie Radoux


On top of the various levels of toasts, Radoux Cooperage has fine-tuned specific techniques and offers four distinct ranges: Classique, Evolution, Revelation and Integration.
They have been created in order to ensure that the tannins, depending on the wine variety, the length of aging and the wood chosen, so en your wines or bring them structure, with either a discreet or more marked wood character.

CLASSIQUE TOASTS: aromatic complexity and texture

The range of Classique toasts is particularly suited to wines which are aged for long periods, presenting moderate to intense aromatic contribution, reinforcing the tannic structure and persistence of the wine.
Available in two styles adapted to red or white wine and in three levels of intensity: medium, medium+ and heavy.

EVOLUTION TOASTS: balance and fullness

In order to satis the growing trend amongst consumers to drink young, uity wines with smooth tannins, Radoux perfected the Evolution toast, by lowering the temperature and lengthening the “bousinage” with a “re-cooking” phase, thus revealing aromas which guarantee a perfect balance between the wood and the wine, resulting in smooth tannins and sweetness on the palate.
Available in medium and medium+ toasts.

Sensory Profiles between Classique M+ and Evolution M+

REVELATION TOASTS: Purity of the Fruit and Fullness

In order to meet the demand for wines which express pure fruit, Radoux’s R & D created the "Révélation" toast. This new toasting process helps reveal the pure expression of the uit. It is particularly well adapted to structured wines and expresses itself even more e ectively when used in aging on fine lees.

Available only for structured, red wines, with one level of toast: «Light».

INTEGRATION TOASTS: integration of oak, finesse

Using the same technology as Révélation, the Intégration toast was specially created for grape varieties which are sensitive to intense contribution of oak, such as Pinot Noir. On the nose it is lightly toasted, and on the palate, the tannins integrate perfectly in the rst months of aging. For fine, delicate grape varieties.
Available only for red wine with one level of toast: “Medium”

Sensory Profiles between Revelation and Integration