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Barrel - photo from Tonnellerie Radoux




This great craft, carried out by a team of dedicated master coopers, is essentially done by hand. Each order is a work af architecture which meets the specific, personal requests of the customer.

Truncated shape vats, round or oval casks can be delivered, depending on their size and the configuration of your cellars, either already assembled or be assembled on the spot. Depending on where they are installed, or on your enological expectations, their shape can be adapted to your own requirements according to their capacity.

Radoux team of expert coopers install and set up Radoux vats and casks all over the world: France, spain, Chile, California, Argentina, Italy, Australia, South Africa..

Whether it be for vinification or aging, oak vats and casks offer all the garantees of hygiene ans safety. They pass on subtile aromas to the wine, and temperature inertia and a unique micro-oxygenation.


All other volumes can be made on request.

Casks and Vats - photo from Tonnellerie Radoux