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bung hole - photo from Tonnellerie Berthomieu


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BERTHOMIEU BARRELS are crafted using carefully selected stave wood from the Nevers, Allier and Vosges forests along with a Center of France blend.
BERTHOMIEU BARREL staves have been naturally seasoned on our own pollution-free yards in the heart of the Bertranges Forest for a minimum of 24 months.

TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU embraces a unique steam bending technique during barrel production, which impacts the wood in multiple beneficial ways. The intense steam bath serves as a final cleansing of the wood, helping to eliminate any remaining harsh tannins. The steam treatment gently and deeply opens up the pores of the wood allowing the final toasting stage to more deeply penetrate the staves enabling rich integration and increased longevity. The subtle steaming approach allows for an elongated and lighter toasting regime to better preserve and respect the beauty of the fruit.

TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU is able to maintain through its stave mills a constant supply of premium wood from year to year while achieving cost savings through volume wood purchasing and added efficiency through complete vertical integration. These advantages effectively allow TONNELLERIE BERTHOMIEU to provide its clients with a superior product at a competitive price.

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Oak barrels for wine - Tonnellerie Berthomieu