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bung hole - photo from Tonnellerie Berthomieu


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Tailor-Made Barrels

Exceptional barrels are created with intimate understanding of local forests, uninterrupted access to the best wood, ideal seasoning conditions and specific coopering techniques, all brought together with superior craftsmanship. This is TONNELLERIE ERMITAGE.

Working together with their clients, the team at TONNELLERIE ERMITAGE strives to produce either single forest or customized forest blended barrels that best compliment the wine profile the winemaker seeks to achieve. 100% vertically integrated and fully committed to sustainability, TONNELLERIE ERMITAGE has the distinct advantage of controlling the production process from the tree felling to barrel delivery.

Each ERMITAGE barrel is tailor-made to a purchase order and can be crafted using stave-wood from a selection of five single forests (Nevers, Allier, Vosges, Bertranges and Tron├žais) that have been mindfully seasoned for 24 to 36 months in the natural outdoor environment of our own stave yards in the heart of the Bertranges forest.

TONNELLERIE ERMITAGE embraces a unique steam bending technique during barrel production which impacts the wood in multiple beneficial ways. The intense steam bath serves as a final cleansing of the wood, helping to eliminate any remaining harsh tannins.
The steam treatment gently and deeply opens up the pores of the wood allowing the final toasting stage to more deeply penetrate the staves enabling rich integration and increased longevity. The subtle steaming approach allows for an elongated and lighter toasting regime to better preserve and respect the beauty of the fruit.

Oak barrels for wine - Tonnellerie Berthomieu

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